Aeration JSI AIR

JSI AIR is the ultimate in temporary storage air systems.   This custom drilled product has ELIMINATED the need for the costly Sock method.  With custom drilled JSI AIR you are ensured proper air flow during storage time.  The sock method tends to clog and not allow for proper air flow.  JSI AIR is easy to handle, change configuration from year to year based on your needs, provides years of reliable use!

Stop with the Costly Sock Method


JSI Air Ships Cost Effectively







-  Polypropylene Corrugated Double Wall Tube
-  12”, 18”, 24” Diameter
-  3/16 Hole Perforated, Custom Drilled to Your Needs
-  Eliminates Costly Delicate Sock
-  Smooth Surface Inner Wall Allows for Better Air Flow
-  Easy to Handle & Reusable!