New Vertical AXIS Wind Turbine Developed and Made in Michigan

For two years Arbor Wind (Ann Arbor) and Johnson System Inc (Marshall) have been perfecting the application of a Vertical AXIS Wind Turbine to be used in 50 to 100kw wind applications. While vertical wind was developed in the 1940’s, new technology has allowed these two Michigan companies to bring the old methods into the 21st century. Vertical wind is an untapped arena in green energy market. Vertical  AXIS wind turbines catch wind blowing in any direction unlike horizontal wind turbines that need to point into the direction of the wind in order to work.  50KW to 100KW wind targets large consumers in industrial and agricultural markets i.e., manufacturing companies, large green houses, irrigation pumps and dairy farms to name a few. The vertical AXIS wind turbine utilizes direct drive thus eliminating  costly gear box equipment and maintenance.


Event Details 

Invitation Only Open House Lunch

When-  June 22nd from 11:00am to 3:00pm

Where-  1120 Industrial Rd Marshall MI 49068

Lunch Will be Provided

Wind Turbine will be Demonstrated .


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