Mechanical Truss

Simple, Flexible Mounting!  Raise Without Using Costly Equipment!  The JSI Mechanical Truss is great for your remote samplers so you can keep the truck moving by keep the scales and the sampling separate.  The JSI Mechanical truss also can be used for power, data, and communication lines.  Our simple design and easy assembly make the JSI Mechanical Truss a step above the rest.  For your next light industrial project or sampler lines look no further than JSI.   Call us today for a quote on the JSI Mechanical Truss.  For Printable Literature CLICK HERE

Standard JSI Mechanical Truss


-  Hot Dipped Galvanized

-  Truss & Post System

-  Easy and Efficient Installation

-  Complete Bolt-Together Assembly

-  Variable Clearance Available

-  Multi-Purpose Line Support

* Conduit

* Vac Lines

* Electrical Lines

* Air Line


Standard 2- 24' Sections and 2 Post

Load Rates:

Heavy Duty Truss

Comes in 24′ and 12′ sections

(Custom Options Available)

24′ span  125lbs/L.F.

46′ Span  50lbs/L.F.

70′ span  18lbs/L.F.

Standard Duty Truss

24′ span   50lbs/ L.F.

46′ span   15lbs/L.F.

Easy Anchor

Resting Assembly Position

Easy Assembly 3 Bolts/24' Section

Easy Assembly