Warranty Information

All items manufactured by Johnson System Inc. are warranted against defects of quality in material or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of shipment (but not against damage caused by accident, abuse or faulty installation). Any product proved defective in such manner within one (1) year of shipment will be repaired or replaced free of charge with a new or functionally operative part. The responsibility of Johnson System Inc. under this warranty is limited to making a new or functionally operative part available. The warranty does not include the cost of labor involved or required in diagnosing trouble, removing or installing a new part or parts, nor does it include any damage to any part or parts to which a Johnson System Inc. product may be attached and may have arisen for any reason whatsoever. No allowance will be made for repairs, alterations or changes unless specifically authorized in writing and signed by an executive officer of Johnson System Inc. Further, the postage of freight costs incurred in returning any product to Johnson System Inc. shall be bourn by the customer with Johnson System Inc. to pay any postage or freight incurred in returning the repaired or replacement product to the customer.

Johnson System Inc. implies no product warranties beyond those of the manufacturers that we represent.

Liability of Johnson System Inc. to the purchaser for damages arising out of the manufacture, sale, delivery, use or resale of the equipment, whether based on warranty, contract negligence, or otherwise, shall be limited to and shall not exceed the cost or the repair or replacement of the defective part of parts. Upon expiration of the warranty, all such liabilities shall terminate. The seller shall not be liable to the purchaser or user, for loss of anticipated profits, loss be reason of plant shutdown of non-operation, increased expenses of operation of other equipment or other consequential loss or damages of any nature arising from any cause, whatsoever by reason of the manufacture, sale, delivery, use or resale of the equipment covered by this order, quotation, of contract.

Johnson System Inc. reserves the right to change prices without notice. All orders are subject to the price in effect at the time of shipment, or until a firm order has been received and accepted by Johnson System Inc. Any clerical errors are subject to correction.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. As it is the policy of Johnson System Inc. to continually improve our products, we reserve the right to make changes, improvements and modifications at any time without incurring the obligation to make such changes, improvements or modifications to products previously sold.

All products will be Hot Dip Galvanized. Some miscellaneous steel and hardware may be Zinc plated.

Promises of delivery represent only our estimate of the time needed to complete the work and prepare the same for shipment. Every effort will be made to provide shipment at the earliest possible date. We are not responsible for delays resulting from strikes, fires, accidents, storms or other causes beyond our control.

The payment of state and local sales taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer in those states for which we do not hold a tax certificate.

Structural design is based on the information provided by the customer and design information listed on the quote information. All engineering data (i.e. reactions, base plate information, etc.) will be provided upon request after a purchase order has been executed by the customer. The data will be provided as promptly as possibly based upon order date, backlog, and complexity of design. Engineering data provided as promptly as possibly based upon order date, backlog, and complexity of design. Engineering data provided by Johnson System Inc. are recommendations of the Johnson System Inc. Engineering department only. Any engineering data shall be verified and approved by the Engineer of Record before using in subsequent designs.

Contractor to furnish required permits, site preparation, excavation, concrete foundations, electrical materials and wiring (Conveyor supports-Opt.), erection of system and any applicable sales tax. Purchaser will furnish a forklift or end loader to off load materials as they arrive and during construction. This quote may contain privileged, confidential and/or trade secret information which is protected by law and is intended only for the addressee. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this information in error, please immediately notify us, and permanently delete all copies of the information.

The anchors are sized for uplift and shear. The bolt size, quantity, steel type (A36, A307 or A193 B7), and embedment are usually provided by the foundation designer. The A193 B7 is an extra-strength bolt that can sometimes be used for high uplift or shear, and can help keep the number of bolts to four (4), allowing you to keep plates in standard sizes 12x12x3/4″ or 14x14x1″ or 16x16x1 1/2″ (diameter of the anchor bolts are not the responsibility of the tower supplier). Johnson System, Inc. standard does not supply anchor bolt sizes. BOLT SIZE AND QUANTITY IS BY FOUNDATION DESIGNER BASED ON MINIMUMS STATED ON DRAWINGS. COORDINATE WITH BASE PLATE SIZE AND TYPE SUPPLIED ON THIS PROJECT. Bucket elevator guying inside tower is to be ridge attachment with angle iron or Johnson System, Inc. adjustable tape-ups. DO NOT USE CABLE.